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24 Nov 2014

v1.4.2 is released

New in this release:

  • Multi-select in the Property diff pane of the Simulink differ.
    • Easily ignore or unignore several properties at once.

Fixed in this release:

  • Fixed a bug which made it impossible to drag and drop tabs for some users.
19 Nov 2014

v1.4.1 is released

New in this release:

  • Improved Simulink diff reports.

    • 2.5x performance improvement.
    • Dialog now estimates page count, and allows the user to cancel in-progress reports.
      • Report export dialog
  • Simulink filtering now allows nested paths and wildcards.

    • Previously, DiffPlug only allowed single-keyword ignores, e.g. Position.
    • Now, DiffPlug allows nested ignores, such as GraphicalInterface/ComputedModelVersion
      • Nested filter
    • DiffPlug also supports wildcards, such as SimulationSettings/*
      • Wildcard filter
      • SimulationSettings/* will ignore all children, grandchildren, etc. of SimulationSettings
      • Wildcards are only supported at the entire-node level. Sim*/SomeProp, SimulationSettings/*/Deeper, and SimulationSettings/Snapshot* are all invalid.
    • Right-click a block to wildcard all of that blocktype - effectively ignoring all blocks of that type.
      • Blocktype filter
      • Please note that this will ignore changes to these types of blocks, but not additions. There is no way to filter the addition of any kind of element.

Fixed in this release:

  • Fixed several graphical regressions in the Simulink and Stateflow viewers.
  • Fixed some incompatibilities with the way that older MAT-Files encode Java objects.
12 Nov 2014

v1.4.0 is released

New in this release:

  • A free MAT-File viewer / differ.
    • Includes support for WorkspaceData in Simulink models and UserData properties in Simulink blocks, both for viewing and diffing.
  • Simulink diff reports.
    • Supports export to human-readable PDF and DOCX, as well as machine-readable XML.
    • Reports can be triggered from the command line for batch-operation.
  • Simulink subdiff allows any two Simulink elements to be compared (no longer limited to model roots).
    • You can even compare subsystems and subcharts that are inside the same model.
  • DiffPlug can now dereference library links.
  • Differ configs can now be exported and imported, to allow sharing and storing of various settings.
  • Improved support for custom block masks. Works for masks that look roughly like:
    • image(get_param(gcb,'userdata'))
    • disp('Title')
    • disp(get_param(gcb,'SomeParam'))
    • fprintf('%s', get_param(gcb, 'SomeParam'))
  • Implemented Simulink’s AttributeFormatString (a.k.a Block Annotation Properties)
  • More than 10x performance increase for the differ for large models.