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28 Jul 2015

v1.6.1 is released

New in this release:

  • DiffPlug now has an integrated Git client.
    • Free while it’s in alpha.
    • Used every day by DiffPlug staff to develop DiffPlug.
  • DiffPlug’s SVN client has returned.
    • Free while it’s in alpha.
    • Not quite ready for day-to-day use.

New in this release related to Simulink:

  • Differ buttons are now located inside the differ window, rather than along the top toolbar.
  • Extensive improvements to Simulink reports.
    • When a subsystem block is added to a model, its contents are now included in the diff report.
    • Added icons for each entry to make it easy to see what kind of element (block, state, transition, etc.) was changed.
    • Long element names (usually Stateflow elements) are now truncated in the table of contents.
    • Very large images now have their lines automatically thickened to ease visibility.
    • Changes to properties are now highlighted on a character-by-character basis.
    • “Image per difference” reports now use a background highlight to emphasize the foreground, rather than dimming the background.
  • The Simulink reference browser is no longer modal, which allows multiple references to be opened at once.
  • Added a tutorial to assist with reducing comparison noise in Simulink diffs.
  • The track in MATLAB feature is now compatible files from version control.

Fixed in this release:

  • Browse now goes to the intended folder, rather than always selecting the user’s home directory.
  • The content of folders are now ordered in a case-insensitive way (similar to the Windows explorer).
  • The MAT-File parser was missing support for unsigned 16-bit integers, as well as some object packing formats.
  • The Simulink “Image per diagram” report was failing intermittently - fixed now.
  • When using the diff navigator to navigate a Simulink diff, the appropriate blocks are now highlighted in the diagram.
07 Apr 2015

v1.5.0 is released

New in this release:

  • Realtime diagram tracking in Mathworks® MATLAB®.
    • While the Track in MATLAB button in the top-right of a Simulink diagram is engaged, MATLAB will mirror the selections you make in DiffPlug.
    • This link is optional, and all other features of DiffPlug will continue to work without a MATLAB license.
  • The Simulink differ now ignores the order of Simulink properties, which greatly reduces the comparison noise introduced during MATLAB version upgrades.
    • The differ still respects the order of Array nodes, for which order matters.
  • Added a Clean and Import from MATLAB button to help manage Simulink library folders.
  • The conflict navigator ( First conflict Previous conflict Next conflict Last conflict ) now greys out options which are not possible, to indicate when you have reached the end of the conflicts.
  • Simulink diff reports no longer display details which have been ignored.
  • The Simulink internal property ‘ObjectID’ is now hidden to decrease the noise it caused in diffs.
  • Improved support for Model Reference blocks.
  • Synergy integration allows tying to only viewer or differ.

Fixed in this release:

  • Fixed stability issues in the Windows explorer extension.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented automatic detection of external changes.
  • Fixed a bug in Simulink report generation which could cancel reports which contained matches between text and graphical elements.
  • Text differ can now diff multi-megabyte files with ease.
  • MAT-File viewer / differ now formats floating point arrays correctly.
  • Fixed Stateflow display errors for R2014b and later models.

Missing in this release:

  • DiffPlug’s native Subversion client is not present in 1.5.0. It will return in future releases.
28 Jan 2015

v1.4.4 is released

New in this release:

  • All differs now provide easy linking between the list of files and the diff contents.
    • Mouse over a file in the FileList and the appropriate parts of the differ will light up.
    • Likewise, as you mouseover different parts of the differ, the appropriate part of the FileList will light up.

Missing in this release:

  • DiffPlug’s native Subversion client is not present in 1.4.4. It will return in future releases.