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09 Feb 2016

v1.7.2 is released

Fixed in this release:

  • Simulink functions embedded inside of Stateflow charts are now handled properly.
  • Fixed an occasional bug when resolving ModelReference files.
  • Improved support for embedded MAT-Data within SLX files.
  • Improved Git caching.
  • Git credentials could get jammed up if a remote URL was changed with a saved password locked to a different URL.

NOTE: This version is likely to trigger the Microsoft Windows SmartScreen. We just renewed our code signing certificate, and as a result we need to rebuild our SmartScreen trust score. In the meantime, you can bypass SmartScreen by clicking More Info

SmartScreen More Info

then click Run Anyway.

SmartScreen More Info

04 Jan 2016

v1.7.1 is released

Fixed in this release:

  • Fixed installer bug on some flavors of 32-bit Linux systems (those that report their CPU architecture as i386 rather than x86).
  • Simulink title bar now handles newlines properly.
  • Added instructions for troubleshooting GTK problems on some Linux distros.
16 Dec 2015

v1.7.0 is released

New in this release:

Fixed in this release:

  • When drawing plot commands on custom masks, NaN values should be treated as a break in the line. Starting with 1.7.0, DiffPlug does so. Previously, it did not, which caused a “scribble” artifact on some models.
  • Diagrams now remember their position when you return to them.
  • Fixed a bug in the navigation bar related to text diffs.
  • Fixed non-ASCII characters in MDL files.