Code of conduct

Last updated: May 18th 2019


DiffPlug LLC, a California Limited Liability Corporation (“DiffPlug”) with a business office in California, is committed to upholding the highest legal, ethical, environmental, and moral standards. DiffPlug therefore requires that all employees observe and comply with all federal, state, and local laws and regulations, and maintain scrupulous regard for the highest standards of personal integrity. DiffPlug maintains an atmosphere of open communication and trust between employees and management to promote honest and ethical conduct, including the ethical handling of actual or apparent conflicts of interest between personal and professional relationships. DiffPlug’s policies and practices have been developed as a guide to our legal and ethical responsibilities in order to achieve and maintain the highest business standards.


The standards of conduct articulated in these Codes of Conduct are applicable to all DiffPlug executives, employees, contractors, and others whom in the scope of engagement DiffPlug identifies as covered persons.


Safeguarding customer data is an absolute necessity. Customer data shall not be used for any purpose other than providing specifically-requested service to that customer. Customer data shall be removed from developer machines as soon as it has served its intended purpose.

Stay up-to-date on developments which might impact DiffPlug’s compliance with laws and regulations or reputation in the marketplace.

DiffPlug may review, audit, monitor, intercept, access and disclose information processed or stored on DiffPlug equipment and technology, or on personally-owned devices permitted access to DiffPlug network resources.

Promptly raise any concerns about potential violations of law or DiffPlug policy. Cooperate fully and honestly in DiffPlug investigations related to integrity concerns.

Employees and leaders who do not fulfill their integrity responsibilities face disciplinary action up to and including the termination of their employment. The following examples of conduct can result in disciplinary action:

  • Violating law or DiffPlug policy or requesting that others do the same.
  • Retaliating against another employee for reporting an integrity concern.
  • Failing to promptly report a known or suspected violation of DiffPlug’s integrity policies.
  • Failing to fully and honestly cooperate in DiffPlug investigations of possible policy violations.
  • Failing as a leader to diligently ensure compliance with DiffPlug’s integrity principles, policies and law.


DiffPlug relationships with suppliers must be based on lawful and fair practices.

DiffPlug will only conduct business with suppliers that comply with all applicable legal requirements and guidelines relating to labor, employment and environment, health and safety, and that treat workers and others fairly and with respect.

DiffPlug safeguards information, including confidential and proprietary information and personal data, of both DiffPlug and suppliers.


DiffPlug bases employment decisions on job qualifications and merit which include education, experience, skills, ability, and performance.

Employment decisions will be made without considering a person’s race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, disability, veteran status or other characteristic protected by law.

We respect human rights everywhere we work and do business with others. DiffPlug will comply with all laws pertaining to freedom of association, privacy, collective bargaining, immigration, working time, and wages - as well as laws prohibiting forced, compulsory and child labor, trafficking in persons and employment discrimination.

We will never disclose employment data to a person who does not have a business need and the subject’s consent, unless required otherwise by law.


Because we are a software company, it is relatively easy for us to ensure our workplace is a safe and healthy environment, and to minimize our impact on the environment. Given that it is so easy for us, we have an obligation to ensure that we use greenhouse-gas-neutral vendors whenever possible. DiffPlug must produce an environmental impact report no later than June 1st, which catalogs the environmental impact of DiffPlug’s operations over the previous tax year.


DiffPlug can modify this policy unilaterally at any time without advance notice. Modification may be necessary, among other reasons, to maintain compliance with state and federal regulations and/or to accommodate organizational changes within DiffPlug.

This document was inspired by the Creative Commons Code of Conduct and General Electric’s The Spirit and The Letter.