Most of DiffPlug is free!

Everything except the Simulink differ.

There is no need to register, just download it and start diffing!


Unit cost
License count
Simulink differ
$99 per month
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License details

A DiffPlug feature license allows either one user or one machine to use the feature for the duration of the license.

You can switch a license between a user activation and a machine activation at any time. It's the same license - user vs machine are just different ways to activate it.

Activation type

transfer between machines

transfer between users

check-in with license server



once per 24 hrs

once per hour


once per 24 hrs

anyone on the machine*

only once to initiate the activation

*simultaneous sessions on a single networked machine are not allowed - sequential access only

We do not offer an on-premises license server. However, we do support offline activation for air-gapped or firewalled computers using an easy method of copy-pasting a magic URL to a web browser.