One of these things is not like the other...

Intuitive image viewing

Sometimes you come across images from multi-megapixel cameras. Sometimes you come across 12x12 icons.

DiffPlug's image viewer makes it easy to surf around both. Drag to pan, mousewheel to zoom. Dead simple.

Powerful, minimalist image diffing

There are tools on the market that use sophisticated algorithms to find and identify the differences between images. DiffPlug could do the same, but we think this would be a design mistake.

If the computer does a mathematical comparison between two pictures, it will identify lots of meaningless noise caused by compression. In the case of photos, no two photos will be exactly the same, and a mathematical comparison isn't useful.

Luckily, the human eye is extremely good at picking up on motion. By overlaying the two images and flipping or wiping between them, your eye will very quickly pick out the meaningful differences without being distracted by compression artifacts.

Furthermore, even if we developed a fancy algorithm for detecting only "meaningful" differences, the differences are obscured once they are highlighted. An algorithm can't show you the differences without creating differences itself!

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