DiffPlug unleashes Simulink's potential.

Free Simulink viewer

Simulink and Stateflow are expensive.

Does your team use Simulink but can't afford a license for everyone, leaving some of your team blind?

Did you pay $8400 to buy Simulink and Stateflow for somebody who only needs to view models, not edit them?

DiffPlug's Simulink Viewer is free.

This ensures that everyone on your team can see the entire codebase - no more black boxes.

Furthermore, because the viewer doesn't run a solver, it's much faster than The Mathworks' implementation.

Track in MATLAB

DiffPlug doesn't need MATLAB, but if you happen to have it, DiffPlug can work with it.

By tracking your selection automatically, DiffPlug takes the guesswork out of resolving conflicts.

Powerful signal tracing

Following data across a model can be hard.

The Mathworks' implementation of Simulink only allows a single signal to be traced from its source to its destination - and no further.

DiffPlug's Simulink Viewer makes it easy.

DiffPlug's Simulink Viewer lets you trace all of a block's inputs and outputs, and cascade that trace as far across the model as you like.

Simulink diff

Collaborating on Simulink models is hard.

Has your Simulink model ever gotten worse, but you couldn't figure out why?

Have you ever worked on a Simulink Model at the same time as someone else on your team but couldn't merge your changes back into a coherent whole?

DiffPlug's Simulink Differ makes it easy.

dp.simstate.differ can show you exactly what changed. Collaborate effectively. Take the magic out of version upgrades. Get more from your existing version control system.

Export reports (for humans or machines)

If you want to record the exact differences in a model in a report file, either for human or machine consumption, DiffPlug has you covered.

Export to XML for easy machine parsing, or you can export to DOCX and PDF for humans. From the GUI or the command line.

Free instant trial

Everything in DiffPlug is free except the Simulink differ.

You can start a free trial of our Simulink differ anytime. After you have started your trial, you can easily add your colleagues to the trial to test it out in a team setting.

To start the trial, all you'll need to do is install DiffPlug, then copy-paste a code that we send you into DiffPlug.

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