Version 0.5.1

This version is out of date!

We strongly recommend using the latest version, 2.8.0.

Download for Windows     OS X and Linux available starting with 1.5.0  

Release notes

November 26, 2012
New in this release:
  • Pins for the image differ!
    • While in the image differ, right-click to add corresponding pins to each image.
    • When both images have the same number of pins, the "Zoom both" button will become the "Match pins" button.
    • When you press the "Match pins" button, DiffPlug will automatically scale and translate the right image to match the left image.
  • Improved several error messages to be more user-friendly.
Bugs fixed in this release:
  • Fixed occasional error when dragging to the BrowseBar.
  • Fixed the restore to disk operation for missing files.
  • Fixed a minor error in the JavaScript syntax definition.
Optimized and packaged with Excelsior JET