Version 0.6.1

This version is out of date!

We strongly recommend using the latest version, 2.8.0.

Download for Windows     OS X and Linux available starting with 1.5.0  

Release notes

May 21, 2013
New in this release:
  • Drag and drop / copy paste improvements to the DiffList and other file display utilities.
    • Copy from the DiffList and paste or drag into text.
    • Copy paths from text and paste or drag into the DiffList.
  • Simulink Viewer now supports colored models.
    • Simulink Differ has a button to easily toggle between diff colors and original colors.
  • Simulink Differ now has more dynamic property ignore features.
    • Right-click a property in the detail pane to add or remove it from the list of ignored properties.
    • Improved readability for the Simulink Differ config display.
  • Image Viewer/Differ now shows the RGB value under the cursor.
  • Full support for tar and gzip archives.
Bugs fixed in this release:
  • Fixed a bug in the S3 filesystem provider which made it impossible to open a folder if there was also a file with the same name.
Optimized and packaged with Excelsior JET