Version 1.4.0

This version is out of date!

We strongly recommend using the latest version, 2.8.0.

Download for Windows     OS X and Linux available starting with 1.5.0  

Release notes

November 12, 2014

New in this release:

  • A free MAT-File viewer / differ.
    • Includes support for WorkspaceData in Simulink models and UserData properties in Simulink blocks, both for viewing and diffing.
  • Simulink diff reports.
    • Supports export to human-readable PDF and DOCX, as well as machine-readable XML.
    • Reports can be triggered from the command line for batch-operation.
  • Simulink subdiff allows any two Simulink elements to be compared (no longer limited to model roots).
    • You can even compare subsystems and subcharts that are inside the same model.
  • DiffPlug can now dereference library links.
  • Differ configs can now be exported and imported, to allow sharing and storing of various settings.
  • Improved support for custom block masks. Works for masks that look roughly like:
    • image(get_param(gcb,'userdata'))
    • disp('Title')
    • disp(get_param(gcb,'SomeParam'))
    • fprintf('%s', get_param(gcb, 'SomeParam'))
  • Implemented Simulink’s AttributeFormatString (a.k.a Block Annotation Properties)
  • More than 10x performance increase for the differ for large models.
Optimized and packaged with Excelsior JET