Version 1.7.2

This version is out of date!

We strongly recommend using the latest version, 2.9.1.

Also available for these platforms:
Win x64  Win x86  Mac x64  Linux x64  Linux x86 

Release notes

February 9, 2016

Fixed in this release:

  • Simulink functions embedded inside of Stateflow charts are now handled properly.
  • Fixed an occasional bug when resolving ModelReference files.
  • Improved support for embedded MAT-Data within SLX files.
  • Improved Git caching.
  • Git credentials could get jammed up if a remote URL was changed with a saved password locked to a different URL.

NOTE: This version is likely to trigger the Microsoft Windows SmartScreen. We just renewed our code signing certificate, and as a result we need to rebuild our SmartScreen trust score. In the meantime, you can bypass SmartScreen by clicking More Info

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then click Run Anyway.

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