Version 2.0.2

This version is out of date!

We strongly recommend using the latest version, 2.9.1.

Also available for these platforms:
Win x64  Mac x64  Linux x64 

Release notes

March 28, 2019

New in this release

  • The content of Simulink DocBlocks can now be opened in the viewer (windows only for now).
  • An in-progress git clone can now be cancelled.
  • Git squash now works on a larger variety of commit topologies.

Fixed in this release

  • Fixed intermittent warning when closing the command console.
  • Fixed several zombie thread issues.
  • Fixed many small bugs in the git client, including:
    • Double-clicking the commit button could cause two commits.
    • Editing an old commit message would sometimes not update in the repository view.
    • Many minor fixes.